Did you lose money in an off-plan Spanish property?

The crash of 2008/09 resulted in the collapse of the building industry in Spain. Hundreds of developments were stopped mid-construction or worse still were never started. Many believed their money was lost forever. But this is no longer the case.

A 2015 landmark legal judgement in Spain has paved the way for those investors to recover their money – from the very banks where it was held.

We have helped hundreds of people recover millions of Euros from failed property developments and currently represent hundreds more who have lost in Spain.
Recovering your money is a complex process but we take away the stress of making a claim by keeping your input simple, so:

We will handle everything for you and will give you regular updates on the progress of your claim.

We take the strain out of making a claim. Our application form is simple, easy to understand and only asks you for the information that we need to make a claim on your behalf.
If you prefer we can fill in the forms with you, by telephone.
Our English-speaking Spanish Solicitor has a 100% success rate on reclaiming deposits back for UK claimants.
Our legal team will submit your claim against the bank holding your money. If they refuse to pay we will take legal action against them and represent you in the Spanish Courts.

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